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We’ll walk you through how our rental process works step by step. It’s a breeze!


Rental Process

How to Rent an Instrument





Find the right instrument for the right price

The cost to rent an instrument varies, typically in the range of $25–$65 per month. Fill out the form below to tell us what school you’re affiliated with, the name of your teacher, and the instrument you’d like to rent.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Flexibility. Our rental contracts are month-to-month. After two months, you have no obligation to buy the instrument. If you don’t like the instrument, you can exchange it for a different one.
Our instruments are engineered with each student’s particular musical journey in mind. Some are engineered for optimal performance; others are engineered for optimal value. Therefore, the instrument you purchase will usually not be the same as the instrument you’ve been renting.
No. If you want a different instrument, you can exchange it. You can use your rental equity toward a new instrument.
The rental contract includes a $5 per month maintenance fee which covers routine maintenance. If your instrument is stolen, we need the police report. If it’s lost or run over by a bus, you get to buy it.
Yes. All maintenance and repairs are on your bill and must be completed at Tim’s Music.