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about repair services

If your instrument has a problem, we can solve it

Musical instrument repair services come in many forms, from minor repairs to complete restorations to custom modifications. Whatever your unique situation is, we can help.

Our Repair Process Starts with a Thorough Evaluation

Bring or ship your instrument into the shop. Our technicians will evaluate your instrument to determine the best course of action, and whether it makes sense to repair your instrument. After our honest evaluation, if you decide on repair or restoration, we will give you an accurate price estimate.


Bring your instrument in for a free estimate

Our repair technicians are known around the country for their expertise. All music instrument repair and restoration services start with a free evaluation before we can determine the price.

The cost to repair band and orchestra instruments depends on the free evaluation, with a minimum of $20.

FAQs about instrument Repair

Yes! But the question is should we fix your instrument. We will give you a complete evaluation of your instrument for free and then determine if fixing your instrument is the most sensible option.
Sure. We fix broken springs, torn pads, stuck mouthpieces, stuck slides. We clean and sanitize instruments. We fix dented and broken instruments. We replace worn-down parts and a whole lot more.
No problem. If you can’t get your instrument repaired elsewhere, we can fix it. Just ship the instrument to us. You’ll have to cover shipping costs, of course.
Our return rate on repairs is about 0.3%, due to our highly accurate and knowledgeable technicians. If it can’t be repaired elsewhere, it often ends up here.
Instrument repairs vary, but a typical repair takes 2–7 business days. If you need your instrument repaired during a particularly busy season (i.e., just before the school year begins), you can expect the repair to take longer.
We will solve your problem. Our goal is to improve your instrument to its best possible playing shape. Our repair specialists are attentive, detail-oriented, and highly experienced—sometimes we even find and fix flaws that other technicians or the manufacturers miss.
Certain materials in instruments suffer too much natural wear and tear over time. In such cases, we often recommend instrument rental instead to those students. Ultimately, we will evaluate the situation and recommend what is best for your student.